Preview GST Software- How it Works?

Create Your Business

Add your Business details to get started. If you have different GSTINs for different States for same Business then you can add them at a later stage.

If you have not registered for a GSTIN then you can do so from the Tools section after login.

Import Existing Data

Once you have added your Business details to the system, you can then start adding all your existing data from Excel or Tally or SAP by exporting to our given format & importing from the page shown.

Create Your Business Contacts

Contacts are the customers, suppliers & any other person or organization that you deal with. You can add their multiple addresses and GSTINs if available. You can also request for GSTIN through the software.

You can add bulk contacts from above “Import” section or you can individually add each contact.

Create Your Business Items

Items are the Goods that you sell or the Services that you offer. You can add the list of the entire inventory that you deal in. You can pre-define the selling price, discounts, etc. from here or you can even add/ change them later.

You can add bulk items from above “Import” section or you can individually add each item.

Create GST-ready Invoices

You are now ready to create INVOICES. Just select the type of invoice you want to create (for example- sales invoice). Invoice number, invoice date, customers & items are automatically added. Select the Customers and Items from your existing list. Add the quantity of each item.

You can then Save Invoice or Send Invoice directly to customer on a single click.